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Customer Reviews

MikeC Digital Camo on a Pistol

Mike C.

Thanks, my pistol turned out perfect!

Jason L. Repect Pattern on Skull

Jason L.

I haven’t had a lot practice dipping skulls and didn’t want to mess up one I just got cleaned. My Dip kit Store hooked me up and it looks awesome! They were great about contacting me and letting me know what was going on and when to get my skull back! Will send them more work!

Nate L. Wood Grain and Carbon Fiber on PS4 Controller

Nate L.

My controllers look sic! Thanks for doing this for me, taking these controllers apart and putting it all back together was pretty simple, you did the hard part!

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My Dip kit Store Custom Hydrographic Dipping Services

Our custom hydrographics and water transfer printing shop can tackle any project. My Dip kit Store’s decorative films offer a rich assortment of color tone and effect to any paintable 3-dimensional object. The results are attractive, stain resistant, and incredibly durable. Our facility can accommodate everything from smaller individual projects to OEM batch processing. Our enormous film library combined with endless paint color combinations allow for nearly unlimited decorating options. If you would like to try dipping your parts yourself, we offer an extensive selection of hydrographic dip kits.

We will contact you to provide you with a quote. After receiving your item(s) we will contact you with an estimated turn-around time for your project. This service includes professional processing of your item(s) and your choice of top coat finish. When shipping your item please pack them as tightly as possible, securely wrap and pad to ensure no damage when shipping. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

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