What is it?

Water Transfer Printing.

Hydrographics, sometimes known as water transfer printing or hydro dipping, is the process that allows for high definition patterns to be printed on a 3-dimensional surface. Traditional printing methods cannot fully print on 3D objects, especially if there are hard to reach areas, or if the object is oddly shaped. The water transfer printing process eliminates these issues by submerging the item into water, covering the whole surface.

The hydrographics process can be done on any material that can hold a base coat and that can be safely submerged into water. Materials such as metals, wood, plastic, stone, Bakelite, and ceramic, are ideal for dipping.

What is MyDipKit?

Do It Yourself Hydro Dipping Kit

MyDipKitStore allows the hobbyist to apply a pattern using the hydrographics process at home. Our kit was designed for DIY enthusiasts to add camouflage patterns, wood grains, carbon fiber prints, and hundreds of other patterns to nearly any object imaginable. The kit contains the printed film, chemicals, and basic supplies needed to hydro dip parts at home. Each kit includes:

Activator, Top Coat, Base Coat, universal Primer. Activator, Top Coat, Base Coat, Universal Primer.
1 Meter of Film. The pattern of your choice
Respirator Mask Respirator Mask
Gloves Gloves
Scuff Pad Scuff Pad
InstructionsThorough written instructions

MyDipKit Uses

Dip Kit Applications and Uses

Commercially, this technique is used to apply camouflage patterns to guns and hunting equipment. Wood grain and carbon fiber patterns are often used for automotive trim and interior parts. If the part can be safely submerged in water, it can be dipped.

Some of the most common uses of dip kits include:

Guns, Paintball, Archery Bows Guns, Paintball, Archery Bows
Automotive Dashes and Other Parts Automotive Dashes and Wheels
Game Controllers and Accessories Game Controllers and Accessories
Computer Covers and Cases Computer Covers and Cases
Computer Covers and Cases Cell Phone Covers and Accessories
Computer Covers and Cases Motorcycle and Boat Trim Pieces

MyDipKit Store Sizes

MyDipKit Store hydrographics dipping kits are available in 3 sizes.


The First and Only Patented Water Transfer Printing Kit on the Market

MyDipKit is the original professional grade do it yourself water transfer printing kit formulated by the leading North American distributor for the commercial industry of water transfer printing. The materials in our kits are designed specifically for the professional hydro-dipping process by individuals with extensive experience. For your convenience, we have combined the same professional grade materials in an at home do it yourself kit.

MyDipKitStore Paint
We pre mix and fill our coatings into aerosol containers for your convenience. Our aerosol cans come equipped with an adjustable nozzle, making it easier to change your No need for messy paint canisters that spill and break. And because our paint is pre-mixed it allows for a shelf life of years - not a narrow 30 minute window before the paint is unusable. No need to go through the messy and smelly process of cleaning a paint gun by hand with lacquer thinner with every step. Our kit was designed to make camo dipping your items problem free.

MyDipKitStore uses high grade urethane coating in our aerosols. We do not use water base coatings.

MyDipKitStore Clear Coats
MyDipKitStore clear coats are designed for the most durable results possible using a single stage clear. It has superior lifelong performance to multi-stage clears. We spent over a year in research to provide a high quality clear coat with a hardening agent that cures over time - this means your dipped product will be resistant to the elements to fading and chipping for years to come.

MyDipKitStore Activator
MyDipKitStore activator is formulated specifically for MyDipKit films by the leading experts in the industry.

MyDipKitStore Patterns
Our film selection for the DIY consumer is second to none. Choose from over 130 patterns - many of which were created in house and are exclusive to MyDipKitStore. Our current categories include hunting camo, military camo, straight wood grain, burl wood grain, carbon fiber, metals, marble/stone, animal prints, skulls, and illusions. We offer royalty prints from our partners.

MyDipKitStore Instructions
MyDipKitStore comes with detailed instructions that walk you through the process of hydrographic dipping step by step. If you want to see the process step by step, MyDipKitStore provides several videos to help your through the process. Visit the video tutorial website at:

MyDipKitStore Ongoing Support
Nothing is more important to us than your satisfaction. MyDipKit support speaks for itself.

We are committed to your success. When needed we provide direct feedback to our customers so that you will have the best experience using our product. So trust that when you order MyDipKit you are getting the best of what the market has to offer, not an impostor.

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